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Women at thaddeus stevens college


    Have you ever seen a plumber, a carpenter, a welder, an electrician, a mechanical engineer, an electronic engineer doing their jobs and realized, "I know I can do that, if I just knew where to start." 

    Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is the starting point for a world of opportunity in these fields, as well as many others. The hands-on training of Thaddeus Stevens College, coupled with the academic skills a student learns create some of the best career opportunities in these industries.

    TSCT Graduate Steams Ahead As Engineer at Strasburg Railroad



    Top 10 Reasons Women Should Consider Technical Careers

    1. High-paying technical careers give women economic empowerment.
    2. Go where the jobs are: 65% of today's jobs require skilled, technical workers.
    3. Be challenged and satisfied by active hands-on work.
    4. Take advantage of the high demand for women in technical careers.
    5. Choose from diverse work environments: outdoor, industrial, laboratory, etc.
    6. Break gender-based stereotypes and be a role model to other women.
    7. Employers actively seek qualified women to enhance workforce diversity.
    8. Technical careers apply creativity, problem solving, and artistic skill.
    9. Develop pride in lasting projects on which you worked.
    10. Many technical careers are accessible after two years of training.