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Campus life at
Thaddeus stevens college

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology offers a full campus experience for students of the College. From activities, athletics, residence life and more, Thaddeus Stevens College is committed to offering the traditional college experience.

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student employment

Students interested in seeking employment on the Thaddeus Stevens campus can do so through the Office of Student Services, located on the first floor of the Mellor Building. Work opportunities exist in the following areas: Learning Resource Center, Athletic Department, Residence Halls, Tutorial Services, Intramural Sports, the MAC, and offices throughout the campus.

Students are encouraged to submit applications for employment as soon as possible upon arrival at TSCT as in most instances interest exceeds work opportunities.

An application for student employment can be found by visiting the College's Employment page.

Health Services

There are licensed nursing personnel on duty on Main Campus and on the Branch Campus. 

From 5:00 pm to 7:30 am, students should report to the Director of Residence Life, a Residence Hall Advisor, or Security. Emergencies or services beyond routine care are referred to the Lancaster General Hospital. 

Important Note: All students are required to maintain medical coverage as the College is not and cannot be held liable for medical costs resulting from injury or illness on or off campus.

Students who suffer from chronic conditions or who must take regular medication should notify the dispensary so that the information may be kept on file. As with student records, medical files are confident and used by authorized personnel only.

Medical excuses are not given to students who remain in bed or stay home without seeing a physician. Medical excuses that preclude participation in athletics shall be in effect until released by an appropriate physician. If a student is excused from attending college for an illness, the student is expected to remain in the residence hall or at home, except for mealtimes or at those times when he/she is requested to visit the medical department.

Vehicle Policy

  1. All student-operated vehicles are to be registered with the College within 48 hours of being brought on campus via the Business Office. Perking permits are to be placed on the mirror of the vehicle. A parking permit at the cost of $15.00 is required.
  2. There is a $5.00 collection fee and a $20.00 fine for lack of a parking pass.
  3. Student parking on campus is limited to registered vehicles and only in an assigned parking space or lot, if so designated.
  4. Violation of any of the above rules by any student will be dealt with through an assessment of fines.
  5. Upon non-payment of these fines, of if a person abuses parking privileges (which includes failure to secure a parking sticker or have it in place), the vehicle may be towed with the costs being borne by the owner of the vehicle. These costs are estimated to be $85.00 towing and $15.00 per day storage.
  6. The College assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicle while parked or operated on or off College property.

weapons policy

It is the position of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology that weapons or items that have been altered to be used as such - e.g. broken hockey sticks, baseball bats (broken or otherwise), metal poles, and the like - are in direct opposition to a safe learning environment. Therefore, any student found in possession of such items will be subject to suspension or expulsion from the school. Other items qualifying as weapons include, but are not limited to, guns of any sort, bow and arrows, nunchucks, brass knuckles, mace*, black jacks, machetes, sling shots and knives (excluding pocket knives, e.g. folding knives with more than one blade or folding knives with blades no longer than 3" in length.) These items when discovered will be confiscated by Thaddeus Stevens' personnel and turned over to legal authorities where appropriate.

*Students may carry mace or any of the various pepper sprays as allowed by laws of the Commonwealth. Students, who discharge mace or any of the various pepper sprays allowed by the laws of the Commonwealth for any reason other than self defense, will be guilty of the unauthorized use of the same and thereby subject to suspension or expulsion from Thaddeus Stevens College.